About More Than You Can Chew...

Hey there, I’m Jasmine! By day I am a full time accountant/bookkeeper and by night I am a cook, critic of what I cooked, Game of Thrones fanatic, millennial, mother of a crazy Boston Terrier and novice food blogger. I’m so glad you dropped by to check out MTYCC!

So what is MTYCC?

Have you ever sat down at a nice restaurant, devoured a delicious meal, paid an arm and a leg then left thinking to yourself “That was delicious! I wish I could eat that all the time!” Later you check your bank account and realize you don’t have a budget that supports that type of lifestyle. Well, I had these thoughts often, way too often. So I decided, if I can’t go out every night and pay for a great meal (plus tax and tip) why don’t I just make ‘em myself? And so I did. Then I did it again, and again. I realized that I really enjoyed cooking my favorite meals, and was actually not bad at it! Eventually I decided that it was too good not to share!

More Than You Can Chew is more than just a food blog, it’s a journey, and I am so excited to share this journey with you!

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have!

xo J