About More Than You Can Chew...

Hey there, I’m Jasmine! By day I am a full time accountant/bookkeeper and by night I am a cook, critic (of what I cooked), Game of Thrones fanatic, mother of a crazy Boston Terrier and novice food blogger. I’m so glad you dropped by to check out MTYCC! 

I discovered my love for food during my freshman year of college when I spent most of my study nights watching The Food Network. At first it was just for the background noise, which I found comforting, but then grew into a passion and love for all things food! There were so many different and unique dishes that just looked so delicious that I wondered why I subjected myself to frozen pizzas and tater tots for dinner. 

I decided that year that while studying business and finance I would also pursue a career in culinary arts. I dreamed of one day opening my own restaurant. The following year I got a job as a hostess in a busy fine dining restaurant then quickly decided that #cheflife was not for me. 

My passion for food remained, however and I started cooking for my boyfriend, and now fiancé, Devin, in our tiny kitchen. My number one fan, he remained confident in my abilities and still ate all the half burnt, over-salted, undercooked and complete disaster dishes that I fed him over the years. 

Fast forward to January 2018, More Than You Can Chew was born! Here is my platform where I share all my favorite dishes as well as some classic favorites and new inventions!


So what is MTYCC?

Have you ever sat down at a nice restaurant, devoured a delicious meal, paid an arm and a leg then left thinking to yourself “That was delicious! I wish I could eat that all the time!” Later you check your bank account and realize you don’t have a budget that supports that type of lifestyle. Well, I had these thoughts often, way too often. So I decided, if I can’t go out every night and pay for a great meal (plus tax and tip) why don’t I just make ‘em myself? And so I did. Then I did it again, and again. I realized that I really enjoyed cooking my favorite meals, and was actually not bad at it! Eventually I decided that it was too good not to share!

More Than You Can Chew is more than just a food blog, it’s a journey, and I am so excited to share this journey with you!

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have!

xo J